Exercise After Birth: The First 6 Weeks

Can I please have my body back?

The first 6 to 8 weeks after delivering a baby are hard! You are so uncomfortable by the end of pregnancy and all you can think is, “I can’t wait for this baby to come out so I can have my body back”. Nobody prepares you for what it is actually like after! This is a whole different level of uncomfortable. If you’re wondering whether you can exercise after birth, this program is for you.

Vaginal delivery

If you have had a vaginal delivery, that hurts! Not to mention the leaking and pressure down there you may be experiencing after. IF you have even had intercourse yet, it may not have been too comfortable. Why? Your pelvic floor is sore and in protection mode so those muscles often hold too much tension, they hold on for dear life, which makes them become tight and overworked.


If you have had a C-section, many layers of abdominal tissue were cut or moved to the side to deliver your baby and they also are struggling to perform their role.

Postpartum posture

Your posture has likely changed quite a bit from being pregnant and you are still holding onto some of those not so ideal habits. When your posture isn’t ideal, your deep core muscles aren’t living in their happy place, which puts them at a disadvantage for helping you be strong and solid.

For all of these reasons, what your body wants in this first 6-8 weeks is to recover, learn how to function again without a baby inside, and remember how to work like a well-oiled machine which it once did.

From the inside out

We created this From the Inside Out program to guide you through this very early postpartum phase. We cover the basics of optimal posture and how to jump start your core first during basic activities and movements you do in your day. The goal is to prepare your body to be able to safely transition into the exercises and activities you love to do.

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