Why does it hurt when I have sex?

Why does it hurt when I have sex? This unfortunate symptom is probably more common than you think and often in postpartum women. It leaves women confused because they expect to feel “loose” after child bearing. 

One reason you may be experiencing this is because your pelvic organs (bladder, uterus, rectum) may not be supported as well creating the feeling of the ” the penis hitting something”.

Another very common reason is that the pelvic floor muscles are too tight. Yes.. You read correct, too tight! Let’s talk this through… 

Think of the pelvic floor like a trampoline, it works best when it has just the right amount of tension. The springs can be too tight or too slack which means the pelvic floor doesn’t function as well.

There are many reasons the pelvic floor can be tight: 

  • Your posture dictates the position of your pelvis and therefore the tension on those muscles.
  • Stress makes you hold tension in varying places in your body
  • Everything is connected in the body so a problem nearby can have an affect on the pelvic floor
  • OR you have delivered a baby out of that group of muscles and they have been shocked and in protection mode, making them tighten up.
  • Since they make up the opening to the vagina, tight pelvic floor muscles can create this feeling of pain. 

What can you do?

Learn how to ensure your pelvic floor has a good amount of tension at rest but can also contract and relax. Find a strategy that works for you to turn down your stress level, take a look at your posture. Do you tend to tuck your bum under?? If you do, you are pulling tension on those trampoline springs.

Check out our From the Inside Out program we created that addresses posture, pelvic floor awareness and how this all relates to your core.

Book an appointment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist near you for an assessment of YOUR body!

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